CGalloway  Designs

About CGalloway Designs

My love for color and design began in my middle school years and was always weekend projects.  My parents were understanding (to an extent) allowing me to rearrange my furniture and change paint colors.

When my own children graduated and "left the nest" my dear husband encouraged me to pursue my design obsession by returning to school and getting a degree and certification.

CGalloway Designs works with each individual client's needs, desires and budget.  The main objectives are to make your space functional and match your style.   If you don't know your style or have a piece that you need to work into the problem.  We can help with all of that.   From floor to ceiling and everything in between - we will work with you and for you. 

Let us take away your stress and resolve your design dilemmas.  You'll have a space that you love and be surprised about how much fun design can be.